These Mills Are Oceans

by Sertraline



Fresh off the release of "From Both Our Hands" and their eastern North American tour this summer, Sertraline returns with "These Mills Are Oceans", another sublime collection of songs that will conjure up a plethora of emotion through its fantastic use of dynamics and juxtaposition between delicate and ominous atmospheres and vibrant crescendos of lush and mesmerizing sections that feel deeply cathartic. From the start of "Eyes As Tableau", Sertraline will enthrall, enchant, hypnotize and hold a trance on you until the last note is played.


released November 12, 2019

Guitars - Jay Zgoda
Guitars - David Lopian
Guitars - Shelly Muehlbauer
Vocals - Tom Muehlbauer
Drums - Ken Culton
Bass - Jason Roman

Cover art : Tom Muehlbauer and Jay Zgoda
Recorded and produced by : Joe Leising at Rotten Metal Recording in the summer of 2018


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Track Name: Eyes As Tableau
Wise from what you thought
Like needles through dust
A view of transparent skin
Only then can healing begin

Falling for a phrase, taut and exemplary
Icons on stone to serve the past
Obdurate when regret becomes our history

When love is discreet and hope trivial
Rise from your knees, despite the scar
As I will always be watching from afar
Track Name: Their Cities
To the hum of the streetlights we danced
Under the viaduct we sang all night
To all the factories we would run and scream
And to the convenient store parking lots
where we'd vow to see better days

With the smell of a dying town
Won't be here to see if it turns around

The bridge, the park, the square
They all will rot

The bridge, the park, and the square
They all will rot
But the mills of sorrow will always grow

It was a big part of our lives
But we must go and never look back
Leave their cities behind and head for the trees...together
Track Name: Prague
Hanging from complacence
Seeking a renascent heart
I shall wander far from everyone
My wife, my kid, my home

The warden of time, a prisoner of choice
To those empty canals from a middle aged voice
Regret has burrowed down to the most selfish of bones
And I've scorned my beloved to no fault of their own

A world away yet still close to fear
A new skin to touch to help me disappear

We drive down to the end where the lovers meet
Rain on cobblestone under lights like fire
Between where the songs fade and grief hides the laughter

Time is a burden to the future we seek
All motives are lost in decisions we make
The past is a widow and she lets us pretend
Fate is a consolation when we know it's the end

I'm so sorry

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