Banners to the Moonswept

by Eave

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Ian Lovdahl
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Adam Timbs
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Adam Timbs These guys put me in the mind of Yellow Eyes and Ghostbath, but there is a clearly distinct germ thriving here that makes them distinct. Moon-glazed chords, velveteen leads, bitter phantom vocals, and energetic, on-the-bones drumming. A moon night in the hills, to be sure. Awesome potential with this sound!
Dave Aftandilian
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Dave Aftandilian Sun-scraped, moon-swept, river-washed, I stand cleansed, emptied, purified. Stains of civilization erased as if they had never been; my bones glistening jewels upon the mountainside. Snowstorm for a shroud; rictus grin upon my face at last. A new beginning.
Sabrina-the-sticker-hoarder thumbnail
Sabrina-the-sticker-hoarder Incredible black gaze. Powerful! Favorite track: Each Fang Falls.
Cheveu Miracle
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Cheveu Miracle (post-black metal / 2019 ep / USA // )


Weaving black metal riffs over a phantasmagorical blackgaze shroud, "Banners to the Moonswept" serves as a perfect introduction to the sound of Eave, a post-black metal band from Portland. Maine.

Having previously released a demo, a full-length and a split album, Eave returns with a new EP marking a turning point in the band's sound and acting as a prelude to their forthcoming full-length album.
Sometimes aggressive, other times pensive, but always hypnotic, "Banners to the Moonswept" is chock full of monumental riffs over its short run time, well-mixed with engaging drums, audible bass, and a couple melancholic synth lines over which distressed vocals convey a sense of pain, anguish, and catharsis. On "Banners to the Moonswept", Eave perfectly encapsulates the divergent emotions and depth of post-black metal

Recommended for fans of Falls of Rauros, Numenorean, Lantlôs, Les Discrets, Heretoir, and Violet Cold.

The album was previously self-released by the band on December 29, 2019.

"and now the torches are growing old
under time worn and rock-ribbed fold"


released January 31, 2019

Brian Tenison- Bass & Vocals
Ian Stoller- Guitars & Synth
Greg Souza- Drums

Recorded by Todd Hutchisen and Alice Anderson at Acadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine
Mixed by Brian Tenison at Acadia Recording Company in Portland, Maine
Mastered by Pat Keane at PKM in Portland, Maine


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