Mavradoxa / Deafest Split

by Mavradoxa | Deafest



Mavradoxa and Deafest present a new autumnal themed split album from two sides of North America!

Mavradoxa is an atmospheric black metal band rooted in the Laurentian region of upstate New York. The music of Mavradoxa is expansive, atmospheric, and melancholic. Music made for dreary and rain-soaked days during solitary walks, or in any moment of introspection. Long progressive songs that flow with purpose where the atmosphere dictates and paints vivid stories in its movement and direction.

Mavradoxa's second full-length album "Lethean Lament" was released just a few months ago on Hypnotic Dirge.

Deafest is a project founded by Chase Ambler in Denver, Colorado in 2006. Although Deafest has had additional members at times, Deafest is now once again a one-man project. Since the second full-length, Deafest plays an instrumental ode to the beauty and awe of nature (mostly Colorado nature). Black Metal is the base of the music.

Numerous Deafest albums have been released in their history. Find them on their Bandcamp page for "name-your-price" download.

Organizer of the Black Metal Alliance's Crushing Intolerance Anti-NSBM Charity Compilations:


released November 12, 2017

Nival - Guitars, Vocals
Lux - Drums, Vocals

Chase - All Music


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Track Name: Mavradoxa - Burning Wings, Withered Leaves I
And all that we are,
all that we are
is a silhouette
in silent

And all that we are,
all that we are,
is a blackbird
with wings

Within the spectral valley, ‘you and I’ shall ever lay,
where our fleeting fire perished in the rushing stream

Two hollow trees entwine
One’s languid roots then decay
I consume the nightshade draught
where the sunlight does forsake

Dark berries – did the shade impassion?
Are ghastly flames no longer tended?
Pierced, melted, wilted, smoldering heart
of storms. the funeral pyre – your art

You are the withering of the leaves
Poison the forest and blacken the stream
The deafening roar of the falls
emanates from your frigid mouth

Your spectral valley haunts me. I choke upon the ash,
and drown in falls of Zoar, for I am cursed by summer past

Red-winged blackbird, your wings aflame
Autumn nightshade-secreting lips

You are the withering of the leaves
Poison the forest and blacken the stream
You are the burning hoarfrost cold
to blanket the berries – your shade I behold

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