1. Palimpsests
    Vin de Mia Trix

  2. selftitled

  3. Black Tremor / Sea Witch
    Black Tremor / Sea Witch

  4. Ingrats

  5. Slaves of the Vast Machine

  6. All Light Has Since Escaped Me
    Ancient Tundra

  7. Subarctic Nocturnes: Below the Wilted Grove [Volume III - MMXVI]

  8. Fragments of a Fallen Star

  9. Nur ein Moment...

  10. Contagiuum and the Landscapes of Failure
    Subterranean Disposition

  11. Cold Redrafted
    Negative Voice

  12. The Isolation Splendour

  13. Deception Through Your Lies

  14. Of Ash and Dying Light
    Nachtterror / Altars of Grief

  15. Le Domaine Des Hommes

  16. Revenant
    Orphans of Dusk

  17. Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice [Volume II - MMXV]

  18. The Idea of North

  19. The Hourglass
    Atten Ash

  20. Subarctic Nocturnes: Doomed to Be [Volume I - MMXV]

  21. Lycanthia / Atten Split 7" vinyl
    Lycanthia / Atten Ash

  22. (Un)reality

  23. No stars, only full dark

  24. Delicate Poison
    In my Shiver

  25. Nowhere
    Ekove Efrits

  26. Hypnotic Dirge 2013/14 | The Wild Haunts Us Still; Disillusionment and Indifference

  27. Hypnotic Dirge 2013/14 | The Wild Haunts Us Still; Decay and Atrophy

  28. wild years of remorse and failures

  29. Dreading Consciousness
    netra ft. We'rewolves

  30. Once Hidden From Sight
    Vin de Mia Trix

  31. A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
    Obsidian Tongue

  32. Ghost Light
    Galaktik Cancer Squad

  33. Alpha

  34. Wind

  35. Sin4tr4

  36. Silentium!
    Depicting Abysm / Windbruch / Gmork

  37. Oligarchy

  38. Bardo Relative Reality
    Odradek Room

  39. Weightless at Dawn

  40. Hypnotic Dirge 2012/13 | Solipsist Anthems

  41. self-titled
    Subterranean Disposition

  42. Sørbyen

  43. Hypermnesia
    Ekove Efrits

  44. Mourner Portraits
    Silent Path

  45. Faces of Insanity

  46. Volume I: Subradiant Architecture
    Obsidian Tongue

  47. The Gathering
    Galaktik Cancer Squad

  48. sound graveyard bound

  49. Primal
    Old Forgotten Lands

  50. Drawn to Descend
    Ov Hollowness

  51. Conceptual Horizon
    Ekove Efrits

  52. Pandemic Transgression
    Funeral Fornication

  53. a break in the day

  54. Coloured Death
    Deprived of Light

  55. Mélancolie urbaine

  56. The Grand Contraction
    The Foetal Mind

  57. There is no beauty left here...
    Exiled From Light

  58. Shanthikarma [Live EP ; 2010]
    Funeral in Heaven

  59. These Engulfing Winds Never Die
    Symbiosis/Ancient Tundra

  60. Equinox
    Old Forgotten Lands/Ancient Tundra

  61. Descending Further into Nothingness
    Exiled From Light

  62. Solitude and Suicide
    Funeral Fornication

  63. Crépuscule hivernal sans fin sur les terres de la guerre
    Neige et Noirceur

  64. Lunaric Tide
    Astral Luminous

  65. Through Twilight...
    Winds of Sorrow


Hypnotic Dirge Records Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Hypnotic Dirge Records is an independent non-profit record label and webshop based in Saskatoon, Canada. Our intention and raison d'être is to release quality expressive and eclectic art through aural manifestations.

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