The streetlight was all we needed

by Sertraline

Shade 08:55
Flowers, sunshine, lost in its haze Slumber in liquid, counting the days The lamb, the snake, caught in its wake Go and stroll in the garden But don't drown in all the weeds The eyes to open, the mouths to feed Melt with each loss The bloom of pain And the heat of the cross Find me the shade When I walk away, will you look at me?
You've played the labor game and it reads truth But the truth is wealth is playing you Prosperity shows what your eyes hide Poverty knows what walls can't divide Open the gates, the hounds are now released Hear me when I say, our blood is the same shade Your fangs polished and white, growing since birth Your view will always be from above But its height will never define my worth
As she runs past the worn oak Timid, numb, and red Upon the detritus, with persuasive step From the glint, translucent and pale She lays back with crooked stare Questions forgotten, mercurial divide Mirrors her through the river Drawing shadows from the sky Mind the wisdom thereafter, with such obligation it derives Humbled to be here forever at your side
Eyes As Tableau
Their Cities
Prague 07:37
Hanging from complacence Seeking a renascent heart I shall wander far from everyone My wife, my kid, my home The warden of time, a prisoner of choice To those empty canals from a middle aged voice Regret has burrowed down to the most selfish of bones And I've scorned my beloved to no fault of their own A world away yet still close to fear A new skin to touch to help me disappear We drive down to the end where the lovers meet Rain on cobblestone, under lights like fire Between where the songs fade and grief hides the laughter Time is a burden to the future we seek All motives are lost in decisions we make The past is a widow and she lets us pretend Fate is a consolation when we know it's the end I'm so sorry



Sertraline (Buffalo, NY) formed in the winter of 2014 as a reimagining of veteran death-doom group Where She Wept. The band, armed with the experience and chemistry of longtime collaboration, began to craft a new sonic legacy, combining atmostpheric black metal with post-rock elements to create a uniquely heavy-hitting trio of EPs: Shade (2017), From Both Our Hands (2019), and These Mills Are Oceans (2019), now released as a single compilation for the first time entitled The Streetlight Was All We Needed.

Sertraline are marked by immense musical saturation. Three guitars pour out sustained, melodic passages drenched in reverb and illustrated with glacial leads, backed by a rhythm section inspired equally to jazz-like syncopation and punishing metal proficiency. Often wandering but never lost, each song surprises listeners in turn with moments of introspection and emotional climax, punctuated by lyrics which span themes of “guilt, regret, addiction, anxiety, and depression...but also a hunger for love and hope” amidst reflection upon and angst towards the present social and political climate.


releases January 15, 2021

Guitars - Jay Zgoda
Guitars - David Lopian
Guitars - Shelly Muehlbauer
Vocals - Tom Muehlbauer
Drums - Ken Culton
Bass - Jason Roman

"Shade" EP
Originally released May 8, 2017
Recorded by Joe Leising at Rotten Metal Recordings in the winter of 2017

"From Both Our Hands" EP
Originally released July 2019
Recorded in the Spring of 2018 by Joe Leising at Rotten Metal Recording

"These Mills Are Oceans" EP
Originally released November 2019
Recorded in the Spring of 2018 by Joe Leising at Rotten Metal Recording


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