The Heavens Are Not On Fire​.​.​.

by Wills Dissolve

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Sonny92 thumbnail
Sonny92 Heavily influenced by metal-era Opeth, this is ambitious and well-written progressive death metal, that sweeps through a whole swathe of genres. It certainly isn't Blackwater Park, but it's early days for these Texans and they certainly have my attention now. It will be interesting to see how they develop from these very promising beginnings.
Favorite track: on this cold november night.
TheKenWord2017 thumbnail
TheKenWord2017 Wills Dissolve chose one hell of a historical event to base a prog-post-death metal album after, and it paid off in spades. Rife with danger, reminiscent of Old-peth, and unpredictable, The Heavens Are Not on Fire is a diamond in the rough. Favorite track: so do not mistake these ashes.
Dave Aftandilian
Dave Aftandilian thumbnail
Dave Aftandilian Really appreciate the innovative mix of musical styles and moods here, from progressive death to ambient, and soaring to guttural vocals. I feel wonder, anger, fear, and perplexed musings on why so many humans have such high opinions of ourselves, when we are really so small in the universal scheme of things. Let the celestial fires fall and burn away our ignorance.
SouthernWolf thumbnail
SouthernWolf This is one of the bigger epiphanies of the year. Extremely ambitious with their songwriting, touching upon prog, folk, and just flat-out epic death metal, yet these men have the staggering talent to pull it all off. Just... I don't want to ruin the experience. It's phenomenal.
Fraz thumbnail
Fraz Great album. Definitely heavily influenced by Opeth amongst others, but this band has a unique sound of their own. Killer progressive death metal. Sweeping epic musicality that brings together a myriad of styles in a cohesive essential form. Highly recommended. Favorite track: for signs from on high.
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    Album artwork by: Cauê Piloto

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“The Heavens Are Not On the debut album from Wills Dissolve, a progressive death metal band from Houston, TX. Equally atmospheric and aggressive, this album weaves its concept (“a meditation on religion, violence, and cosmic chaos”) through seamless, satisfying transitions between ambient and bold passages. Led by masterfully executed drum grooves and finished with blazing, melodic leads and crushing vocals, Heavens… is progressive, but never wandering. Although one can certainly recognize influences both named by the band (Opeth, Katatonia, Ihsahn) and surprising (Rotting Christ, In Vain, Kozeljnik, November’s Doom), nothing about this spectacular debut is derivative. The production is clean and balanced, perfectly restrained, allowing each element to shine through organically. The Heavens Are Not On Fire… transports the listener to The Great Meteor Storm of 1833, an event erroneously interpreted by North American Christians as the biblical apocalypse and later recognized as the beginning of a critical shift towards a secular understanding of celestial phenomena. Lyrically and musically, Wills Dissolve’s debut is worth the many listens it takes to appreciate its authenticity and originality. “No More Sanctity!”


released July 29, 2019

Wills Dissolve is:
Nick Block - Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Caruana - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Branson Heinz - Drums, Percussion
Shaun Weller - Bass, Vocals

Engineering - Nick Block and Andrew Caruana
Mixing - Andrew Caruana
Additional Drum Engineering and Mixing - Neal Evans
Mastering - Brad Boatright at AudioSiege
Recorded at Backlit Studios
Piano by Shaurabh Nandy
Layout and Interior Photo - Rick Custer
Cover Art - Cauê Piloto (


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Track Name: The heavens are not on fire
The sky!
Fills with radiant bursts of death
Perilous night!
Of matters we can not understand
Glorious light!
Guide us on your omnipotent path
They fly!
Blaze of light ignite the sky
Holy curse!
Time's end is now at hand
Astral hearse!
The horseman four proclaim god’s wrath
Gather ye faithful,
Look to the sky.
An empyrean blaze,
A celestial fire.
The stars of Heaven
Fall to the Earth.
Foretold by John
Revelation’s Birth.
The wicked shall flee
before His Advent.
Before our eyes
they shall be rent.
If we do not mind
These signs from on high.
As sure as we live
We’ll Eternally Die.
...give in to your Desire
...wade through the Muck and the Mire
...this task of yours shall sire
...your eternal Souls…. funeral pyre!
Now the torches and rifles and swords will taste the heathen flesh
The crimson elixir it fuels our cause
Sever the heads cut out the beating hearts and bless the soil
Your kind will offend our Lord no more.
Sink the daggers in organs and crush the pitiful pagan scourge
We have cleansed ourselves of mortal flaws
Castrate the weakling flesh and cut and draw the worthless corpse
A choir of angels sing heavenly score
Your time is nigh
Burnt to the ground
Removed from our sight
A portent of doom
The eternal fight
Ends with your tomb
The sinful must die
Gather your swords
For glory we fight
Succumb to the light
It is his will
This is our night
Open up the gates
Move forth into the fields
Enter the darkness, and the shade of night
Fulfill the holy purpose of god.
so do not mistake these
Track Name: so do not mistake these ashes
Release the lands from heathen’s grasp
By the dawn the prophecy it will be met
May the lord bless this mission as we carry forth
The heathen blood will sully this land nevermore
Raze the thatch and cure the land
Curse the false gods and those that worship them
Your children were born unto this heresy
Their blood shall render us forever free.
Father Hear our Prayer
Deliver us from despair
We’ll heed thy final call
Oh, Heaven help us all.
And now the deed is done
In the name of thy Holy Son
We’ve passed your final test
And laid thy foes to...
Laid their camp to ruin, slaughtered them all, and smashed their idols profane!
The young, the old, the women and children,
all of them were slain!
We’ve Celebrated far too soon
Under falling stars and a pale moon
How Quickly Fortunes can turn
Gaze upon the hilltop
The wretched return
Track Name: for signs from on high
Black waves from heaven,
Helpless cries
Embers remain
Fanatical believers condemn you to die
But blood begets blood tonight,
An accursed allegiance of men born of the flame
Crows come shrieking
Air breathes rust
Hills stained red
Our Families lie broken and bleeding in the dust
May your souls find no home in heaven,
And your bones be spit from the earth
This cancerous creed
beyond repentance,
Shall be expelled
From this land now and forevermore!
Hear their cries
Dying breaths
Broken on the soil
Ravens pick
at the eyes
of the sinful dead
Blood seeps
through the ground
Sacrifice to drought
Bones jut forth
In the sun
Exposed by righteous hand
Death rattle
Falls adrift
In the painted dust
We met our foe in battle
Our Souls on the line
The horsemen in the saddle
We are pressed for time.
So few are left now,
the smoke trails rising
They dance with the stars,
Behold our ashen offering.-
The groaning stops
Only the chieftain remains
The lifeless entrails
Heathen decay
They will have no peace
Forever they will burn
Let their bodies rot
The maggots shall feast
Last one alive,
one more to slay,
and all of my faithful are spent.
It cannot be so to suffer any to live,
each and every last one be rent.
Their leader is wounded,
blind in one eye,
with several holes in his flesh.
So I take up his axe,
and swing it on down,
right into his heart!
- his chest
No More Certainty
No More Sanctity
No More Humanity
Track Name: on this cold november night
Alone I walk, as if in a daze.
My mind uneasy and filled with haze.
Body broken, and bleeding out.
...a soul filled with doubt.
I feel emptiness, not joy.
I walk through shadowed woods,
not Elysian Fields .
When shall the darkness yield?
Was it all the Fallen’s ploy?
I can see it now,
the path that lies
before me.
I can feel it now
a great unease
a heart that bleeds
Behold! I survive! Just one man...
The savage blood, covers the land
Still the heavens rain, and all I feel is pain.
So many have died, I remain yet am dead inside.
Look! Up towards the sky
At His heavenly
Might! Gaze upon the light!
Has our Lord arrived?
Show! Mercy upon our souls
Your servants
Beg! Forgiveness and a path
to your holy
Light! We served your will
Divine laws fulfilled
Our! Offer in vain
awaiting judgement in shame
As the light begins to fade
And the darkness beckons
Burning alive in this hell we’ve made
Too late we learn the lesson

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