sound graveyard bound

by stroszek

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Picking up where they left off on 2009's 'life failures made music', the Italian three-piece headed by Claudio Alcara (also guitarist of famous black metal band Frostmoon Eclipse) makes their Hypnotic Dirge Records debut with the new album 'sound graveyard bound' Mixing various influences including Tom Waits, and Johnny Cash, Stroszek is certainly not a typical band you'd expect to hear from someone coming from a black metal background. Instead, Stroszek is often described by its frontman as "old music for old people" but could also be described as melancholic acoustic rock with influences from american folk music and (real) country music. However, interlaced among the sombre mood and melancholy, there are also uplifting guitar solos, intricate and powerful guitar work, and a truly relaxing atmosphere.
Combining a bleak depression with absolutely beautiful melodies to drift away to, Stroszek is a project to enjoy during moments of introspection and quiet evenings. The album also includes a cover of Mike Johnson's track 'If the world hadn't gone insane' as well as the beautiful female vocals of 'Nat' on the track 'Spirits Dwell.' Absolutely recommended!!


released March 10, 2012

c. - vc, gtr
davide - bass
richard - drums


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Track Name: can't make things undone
wont you come down by the sleeping hours
ain't no place for he who fell

I bet my life
this sound will take me to the end
I deny my world
no sound will bring me back to life again

stars grow cold
nothing out the window
something to do
never to...

I bet my life
this sound will take me to the end
I deny my world
no sound will bring me back to life again

black tea and candlelight
house by the river
playing giutar to hide

I bet my life, I deny my world

I lay on my back alone
there's some way back from here
I tried to stand alone
twice I tried and twice I failed
Track Name: shipwreck
no one but black dogs by my side
I ve lost my hope down to another world
deeper and deeper
try to kill me once again

ghost train ride to the dark side of this town
everytime it rains, I'm never coming home
deeper and deeper

try to kill me once again
too late to remember my name
hold your tongue
negative, dumb, something to learn

alone by the hillside
I am beside myself
I am besde someone else
alone by the hillside, negative, dumb

crush upon you exsistence
hide behind your emptiness
slip inside my empty grave
slip inside my empty grave
Track Name: hope i'll never know
wake the ghost, crash the car
seen thru my left eye, I cross the line
stars gone black, everything's gone
seen thru my left eye, I cross the line, break and fall

I fall to crawl
I break and fall, you dare to believe this

never felt a wind so cold,
never felt so cold inside
I close my eyes for a while
you dare to believe this
Track Name: leftover
nothing's worth trying, I was never young

top of the hill, and still's not right
bottom of the world, awake in the night

rivers dont flow, took my last chance

top of the hill, and still's not right
bottom of the world, awake in the night
I won't have no rest, got my crows to feed

took my last chance, it was my last time
what I'd need in my grave, a glimpse of life that was
Track Name: self-closure
no one else is here
no one believes anymore

death of what once was inside me
is gonna blister and burn

don't think too much about it
just take me down with you
I stumble and I fall

death comes around slowly
death is a state of mind
regret, now gone
Track Name: adrift
fall asleep on the stairs
better run before I smile
dead weight, sun's gone
all the gates are closed

I am close enough to be the guardian

walk through the winter
don't you even bother
old and rotten, grey, forgotten
don't you even bother

I tried to hide my face
this old empty house I know so well
this old empty house, a gate to hell

fall asleep on the stairs
better run before I smile
dead weight, sun's gone
all the gates are closed
all the gates are closed
feeling so new
Track Name: spirits dwell
Lost again in a thought, moments unsought built a wall to the world.. Countryside flying by pins of guilt to my heart.. Guarded in subtleties, flame to feed, down the lane, ambling.. Certainly gonna ask you and me why we believed this mess

Know my fragility look upon certain death, be away nevermore, no regret shall bear my last breath

It's ever more the strange as the back of the landscape turns to gray.. And it's overall the same as the last of the atmosphere burns away..

A dark room's sentiment, not far from where I bent
Just to watch the time pass in a wine glass, motionless
I wonder where it went
That thing was Providence
Tears are the afterlife of all the breath I spent.
Our world once felt so new
We got the greatest views
Oh, but fuck it now, fuck it then, burn it down..
Doesn't matter in the End..
Track Name: crows
mourn and walk the street
nothing else I could be
ashes below the ground
from the day I was born

I do blame all this pain
got to repeat after me
step into the dark
my best time has gone

turn off the light
just one more bite
nothing's straight on a mind
so old and out of shape

nothing to keep with me
I wonder where I should be
forever drenched in gloom
I am sick of this room