A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time

by Obsidian Tongue



After releasing a brilliant debut album “Subradiant Architecture” last summer, the massachusetts-based duo Obsidian Tongue is back with their second installment “A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time.” Cold, unwavering, primal black metal with a rich organic sound and real melodic sensibilities, Obsidian Tongue has been praised for their exceptional balance of the melodic and raw aspects of black metal, and that is certainly apparent in the new material.

In May 2013, Obsidian Tongue returned to the analog Mystic Valley Studios in Medford, Massachusetts to record the new album. Consisting of 6 songs averaging 9 minutes in length, “A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time” is a psychedelic and introspective journey through the collective unconscious of Man and the dark half of the emotional spectrum; A sonic depiction of the spiritual affirmation and personal evolution attainable only through sorrow, anger and disillusionment. A noteworthy contribution to this musical odyssey has been made by John Haughm of the legendary dark metal outfit Agalloch, taking lead vocal duties for the album's title track. Released in an appropriately minimalist fold out booklet with all lyrics included, Obsidian Tongue’s second release is the perfect sonic catharsis for fans of Enslaved, early-Opeth, Wolves in the Throne Room, Agalloch, Alda, Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, and Skagos.
....err fuck the specifications, for black metal fans in GENERAL.


released July 29, 2013

Brendan Hayter - Vocals, guitars
Greg Murphy - Drums


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Track Name: Brothers in the Stars
Sojourner speaks in throatless waves
Soulburner keeps clandestine pit aflame
Telepathic twin souls
The starbound and the sleepwalker
Feeding fire – Sensations of – Birth and Death – In one breath
Mortal man granted omnipotence
Sets my demons aside
Lets my third eye come alive
More sleepers drift out from shelter
Their untarnished vines climb the trees of the clearing
Luminous chapel walls
Violet and teal fibers
Buried strength unearthed
Together for once we are
Turning hate to hope – fear to passion – dreams to servitude – honoring you
A sudden rupture in the hum
A dimming of the violet
Has the gathering been seen by waking human eyes?
Never! ‘Twas the final strands of fear
Departing through the blaze – crossing over
Woodsmoke depicts the mortal coil
Traveler’s benevolent eyes
From which fractals of sorrow sprawl
Founding power clarified

When will I awake? Will the memory stay? Will we ever meet again?
Never apart…remember this dream…It’s time to go…

Four winds of unbridled passion have become
Four winds of unfathomable grief
The starbound one has indeed prepared me
This is your task - your alchemy – Storms to silence – Darkness to light
Track Name: Black Hole in Human Form
Pale and shaking
Eyes rolled into head
Bright stream of energy
Flows from the solar plexus
Who hath receive
From the starscape of the dream
The life-force of the eternal child?
What god hath permit
Upon our sovereign ground
Such sightless & relentless
Molestation of our chosen shell?

You – Black hole in human form
You – Offspring of lust & scorn
All slumbers marred by your twisted face
Falling into a hatred I can’t escape
Twilight reverence slaked by trances of vigilance

Your prize – your art – your purpose

Now – Black hole in human form
Feeds on once sacred psychic storms
And compassion is this pile of ash laying next to me

Strength or weakness? Which gestated you?
This oneiric lapse seems bade to discern
It shows the portal to your origin

Hurling down the wormhole
The walls bright and green
I approach a child’s silhouette
The soul bright and green
The greatest pain is hers
The child you could have been
Begging to be freed by my hand

The catharsis is mine to take

Such a strange & noble fate
Born to consume
Tear the fabric of causality
Drive a good man to kill
The glory is shared
Track Name: My Hands were Made to Hold the Wind
This soul is amorphous
glowing through nature in strange patterns
desperate follower, I wandered untraceably far from home
Lured by its trail – flashes of gold
lured to the mountain & lulled to sleep
This was the one day no child should have slept
the caravan had come
to take those marked at birth for sacrifice in the River of Muninn
I was among the marked – the ring of youth – appointed to be drowned at dawn – on the chosen day – but I slept through the conjuring – slept through the drums & horns – I would have been a guardian – Watching the grace of wisdom – blossom through the ages – instead I watched the stones & torches – of the village banish me – Self disintegrated – Passion untarnished – There must be another way – The entity I was chasing – The vicar of my failure – expands upon my grief a notion – glory in the wake of abandonment – the river is still mine to take – the soul is still mine to guard – immortal passion in fast aging skin – my hands were made to hold the wind
Track Name: The Birth of Tragedy
Some are born to heal – and some are born to fail – like trees these fates twist around each other – like wolves their howls resound when no others speak – Alone and lain in leaves – the body of the failed shaman tries to be still – hoping to be unnoticed in the night – waiting for the whispers – the twin trees speak or so he’s told – listening for anecdotes that mirror his own – and silence keeps him trembling – and silence gets him running back – ‘twas the words of the sickened souls – that broke his grasp on the healing path – he tried to clean their wounds – tried to sing the demons out – and they all kicked him to the ground – and they all fled as he became infected – “Brother!” he cried – “Where are you now if not in my eyes? What love do I guard if I no longer feel love at all? What is this force driving my dagger through their necks?
Am I deserving to hear your voice in mine
Guiding me to resolve
To lay this old dagger down
& end the war with self-incineration?

“Brother can you see me now?
I’ve become so hideous
Instinct to preserve the sacred begins
To turn the blade towards my own chest
Tell me can you heal me now?”

And no divine voice is heard
And healing is forgotten
Track Name: Individuation
Safely nestled ‘tween the fault lines of consciousness
Polar elements licking in tandem
Frozen fire I am…Burning wind I am
If just for this moment when no eyes could be bothered to see
When the suspension of observance is gone
Cold & quiet for now…uninhibited for now

This gorge is illuminated by the original light
A color man’s forbidden to see

This could be quelled any second now
Lapse of life could circle back too soon
But not with severance, not without reverence
New relics to study in hours when hours do proceed
I mustn’t think of this
That pain will come all to soon
The stream or the stone am I, if I must be dubbed at all?
Though my heart will never concede to any such frequencies

My heart already knows too much below the surface
Of blindness & light harnessing
& how the sphere looks to unlearn souls
The sphere seeks to dizzy souls

This freeze can’t be forgotten
Navigation can’t be blurred
To the chagrin of my brothers I’ve gone too far
To ever become subservient
I didn’t flee I was pulled under suddenly
What is done is done, the lines are drawn
I am in arms with the dissolved
My path is chosen

Fears done away
Untethered soul
The colors quickening
Taking strange old shapes, killing corner grays
Holy individuation begins to form
Track Name: A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time
Moonlit contemplation
Here at the cliff’s edge
Years I have come here
To think of the fall

This old ego must die
Pining for a specter to fly
Through ether and earth
To bestow death & rebirth

Stars lined with the trees
All things where they should be
With a sense of unworthiness
Still flowing through me

Trembling like a child
The fear waves summon the guides
Wings hide the lunar queen
It’s time to move beyond her

A feral wisdom hunts the silent perceivers
Rupturing skin & piercing bone
Dissolving the filth that surround the will
To hold the wind & speak with the stones
Formless warrior! Myth incarnate!
Scripture of flesh glowing
Shared spirit navigates
Running to the ledge, chosen men align
To become a nest of ravens in the throat of time

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