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Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice [Volume II - MMXV]

by Hypnotic Dirge Records

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veneficus_malus thumbnail
veneficus_malus feeling despair, love it!! Favorite track: No Stars.
Cheveu Miracle
Cheveu Miracle thumbnail
Cheveu Miracle (black metal & related genres / 2015 comp. / World // )
Metallurgical Fire
Metallurgical Fire thumbnail
Metallurgical Fire This is a great intro to quite a few amazing bands. The non-HDR artists are just as good as the ones on the label. Let this release send you to some great music if you’ve not heard these bands yet. Favorite track: Stream-Enterer.
Wallow Within
Wallow Within thumbnail
Wallow Within It's a very good sampler. I think a lot more labels should make good pratice of Hypnotic Dirges example and offer one every once in a while. Also, I wanna take that chance to thank the label for it's awesome price policy, very customer friendly, thank you guys a lot.
Jarak thumbnail
Jarak As usual with Hypnotic Dirge, there's actually a bunch of great tracks on here. Listen to this, then find the albums those songs are from, and put them on your Bandcamp wishlist (and order physical copies while you're at it). Favorite track: Let me in.
this nest reeks of disease soaked with mites and fleas this nest is a room you’ll never leave beak dripping with bile scavenge scraps of denial refuse to settle in sloughing feathers and skin cryptic slaughterer I know you fear me cryptic slaughterer I know you hear me I’ll watch you decay this is your debt, now repay I’ll rip fragile skin, you’ll always be my prey tumors ulcerate languish and stagnate sludge seeps from your pores I’ll smile and wait bending bones that splinter as you tremble everything you dread clasps its fingers ‘round your throat spectre of greed with a kiss so tender self worshiper stop praying your avarice earns you no pity desecrate your vows squander innocence I would watch you burn but that takes too much time
Tout est froid et gelé. Gelée la mer, gelé le ciel. Gelée est la Mort, mais je ne peux mourir. Ne peux mourir. Tombe la neige! Recouvre tout! Tout est froid.. froid... et Tout est froid.. froid... est Tout. Froid. Gelé. Gelés les cieux et gelé l'enfer. Et je crève dans cette coquille faite de chair. Je suis un dieu mourant devenant chair humaine. Je suis un dieu mourant devenant chair humaine. Je suis un dieu mourant devenant chair humaine. Je suis un dieu mourant. Gelé mon coeur. Gelée mon âme. Gelé l'amour. Je suis un dieu mourant devenant chair humaine. x8
Sojourner speaks in throatless waves Soulburner keeps clandestine pit aflame Telepathic twin souls The starbound and the sleepwalker Feeding fire – Sensations of – Birth and Death – In one breath Mortal man granted omnipotence Sets my demons aside Lets my third eye come alive More sleepers drift out from shelter Their untarnished vines climb the trees of the clearing Luminous chapel walls Violet and teal fibers Buried strength unearthed Together for once we are Turning hate to hope – fear to passion – dreams to servitude – honoring you A sudden rupture in the hum A dimming of the violet Has the gathering been seen by waking human eyes? Never! ‘Twas the final strands of fear Departing through the blaze – crossing over Woodsmoke depicts the mortal coil Traveler’s benevolent eyes From which fractals of sorrow sprawl Founding power clarified When will I awake? Will the memory stay? Will we ever meet again? Never apart…remember this dream…It’s time to go… Four winds of unbridled passion have become Four winds of unfathomable grief The starbound one has indeed prepared me This is your task - your alchemy – Storms to silence – Darkness to light


A few weeks ago, we released a Doom Metal collection under the Subarctic Nocturnes banner. As we stated at that time, it was meant to be the first of a three-part trilogy series of compilation albums that we would be releasing. Now, we present to you "Subarctic Nocturnes: Within the Ice [Volume II]", a collection of Black Metal and associated genres!

Within this volume, a few different variations of Black Metal is included. The start of the album includes more fast-paced, and aggressive Black Metal, while the end of the album includes more introspective and melancholic Post-Black Metal. It is not a perfect science to be sure, but an effort was made to make the songs flow as best as possible, which can be a challenge when including twelve different visions!

There is equal measures of new and old material included within, with a nice mixture of Hypnotic Dirge artists and associated guests. A french rendition of Celtic Frost`s 'A Dying God Coming into Human Flesh' is included from the French band Verlies, new material from netra presenting one of the most straight-forward Black Metal songs in the project's history, new demo material from Galaktik Cancer Squad, a reworked track from Epitimia, a track from Immortal Bird (ex. Woods of Ypres Drummer Rae's band), a track from Quebecois legends Sorcier des Glaces, introspective blackened metal from Harrow, and the album closer "Let me in" from the fantastic new Post-Black Metal band from Calgary, Numenorean. These, among others, are some of the pieces included in this collection.

Thanks to all the bands and artists for participating!


Also please note: ALL Hypnotic Dirge Records releases are available on Bandcamp for free streaming and unrestricted "name-your-price" digital download. Our philosophy is rooted in the principle of open-source and unlimited access. All donations we receive from our listeners are greatly appreciated and go towards the label's future physical releases, and other operational expenses.


released April 2, 2015

Artwork by: Coby O'Brien
Instagram: instagram.com/cobyobrienart
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/CobyOBrienArt

Artwork editing by: Alexander Machtakov

Compiled by: Nicolas Skog & Nicholas Andras




Hypnotic Dirge Records Amadora, Portugal

Hypnotic Dirge Records is an independent record label and webshop based in Saskatchewan, Canada and Lisbon, Portugal active since 2008. Our intention and raison d'être is to release quality expressive and eclectic art through aural manifestations.

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